Brentalfloss “Flossophy” Album (plus Digital Download)

Brentalfloss is back with his third album, Flossophy! The best collection of brentalfloss tunes yet!

Complete the "video games with lyrics" trilogy with this physical CD release, which includes twenty new/remastered songs!

As an added bonus, orders receive a code for a free digital download of the complete album on Bandcamp.

 1. Intro to Flossophy
 2. Earthbound with Lyrics
 3. Super Mario Bros:
     The Musical
 4. The Team Fortress 2
 5. Super Mario Land
     with Lyrics
 6. Game Launch Rock!
 7. Ken’s Theme
      with Lyrics
 8. Cave Story with Lyrics
 9. Mario Paint with Lyrics
10. The Game Over Tinies
11. The Chocobo Song
       with Lyrics
 12. Zidane to Vivi
 13. 3DS Street Pass
       with Lyrics
 14. Tecmo Bowl
       with Lyrics
 15. Luigi’s Mansion
       with Lyrics
 16. Introspective Bounty
       Hunter in Space
 17. A Link to the Past
       with Lyrics
 18. Ballad of the Mages
 19. Metroid: Fight
       for Love
 20. The Bioshock Song
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