Milla Basset Plush

She may be bashful, but Milla Basset (also known as Milla the Hound) isn't shy when it comes to protecting her friends and helping to save the planet from Lord Brevon!

With the power of Alchemy, Milla can summon Phantom Blocks, create a Reflection Shield, and even hover with a Puppy Float!

Needless to say, there's a lot to love about this kind-hearted pup! And now you can bring her home with you!

Direct from Freedom Planet, our official Milla Basset plush is wearing an original outfit that mixes elements from both Freedom Planet 1 and 2! She stands 9" tall, and her outfit includes details like her colorful arm guards, foot guards and backpack!

And if for some reason you don't already own it, be sure to pick up Freedom Planet for PC, Mac, Wii U or PS4!

Freedom Planet © GalaxyTrail, LLC. Milla © Ziyo Ling
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