“Live at Grillby’s” Album (plus Digital Download)
“Live at Grillby’s” Album (plus Digital Download)
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“Live at Grillby’s” Album (plus Digital Download)

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"Live at Grillby’s" is a licensed Undertale jazz album comprised of nine jazz arrangements written by insaneintherainmusic.

Officially sanctioned by Toby Fox, (Undertale’s creator and composer) this physical album includes jazz versions of some of your favorite Undertale songs, along with a Bandcamp download code!

insaneintherainmusic is a Youtube cover artist who arranges and performs jazz covers of video game music. He has created high-quality jazz arrangements of video game music on his YouTube channel for several years, and is now uploading consistent weekly videos.

   1. Dapperblook (Ghost Fight)
 2. A Mother’s Love (Heartache)
 3. Ice to Meet You! (Snowdin Town)
 4. Turnabout Skeleton Brothers (Dating Start!)
 5. The Incinerator (Another Medium)
 6. A Date with Demise (It’s Raining Somewhere Else)
 7. Lights, Camera, Action! (Death by Glamour)
       ft. The Consouls
 8. It’s a Beautiful Day Outside (MEGALOVANIA)
 9. Welcome Home (Home)

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